What is it? 

HELLOFRESH is a concept that makes it easy to eat healthy food! HELLOFRESH supplies healthy food. When you’re a part of HELLOFRESH, they send you the ingredients and recipes for your meals every week.

Why is it cool?

HELLOFRESH is cool because it makes people more healthy. A lot of people don’t know how they can cook meals that are healthy, and also delicious.

Why does it have Future Growth Potential?

I think it has Future Growth Potential because a lot of people are too fat. Those people often don’t know how they can change there eat habits. With HELLOFRESH they can learn how they can make healthy food.
I think it’s useful for busy people to. HELLOFRESH will do all your groceries which saves a lot of time. And you’re groceries are also healthy! Easy and Healthy, that’s the spirit!




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