What is it? 

With Eventbrite you can organize events. You can do this in three easy steps:

1. Create your own event webpage
You can add your event details and people can register themselves for your event (online or mobile). You easily collect money online with the credit card processor from Eventbrite.

2. Promote your event
If you want to keep your event private, you can send a mail to your friends. But you can also let your  attendees promote your event on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
You can easily see how many people are coming to your event.

3. Manage event entry
You can check in your attendees with their barcodes or you can print out a guest list. Attendees can access your event info and tickets with the mobile app of Eventbrite.
With the Eventbrite At The Door® mobile box office app for the iPad, you can sell tickets and collect customer info.

Why is it cool?
I think it is cool because it makes it easy to organize an event. Organizing an event is not an easy job, it takes a lot of time. Eventbrite collects everything for you and it’s very easy to find information about your event (how many people are coming, how many people have paid).

Why does it have Future Growth Potential? 

I think it has Future Growth Potential because it’s fun to make your own event, but it’s hard. Eventbrite makes it easy, and I think that many people will find that interesting.





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