What is it? 

Fitapp4you is an app, developed for gyms. With the app you can communicate with all the members of the gym. You can see the schedule of the sport lessons every day.
It’s also possible to invite your Facebook/Twitter friends, so you can exercise together!

Why is it cool? 

I think the Fitapp4you app is cool because it’s easy to find information about the sport lessons. You can invite your friends and it is more fun to exercise together!
You can check your schedule easily, and it’s fun to communicate with the members of the gym.

Why does it have Future Growth Potential? 

I think Fitapp4you has Future Growth Potential because nowadays we like to share everything. Fitapp4you makes it easy to share your sport experiences. And it’s also nice because it is an app where you can check everything about your gym, and because we always have our phones with us, we can check our schedules everywhere!



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