What is it? 

Pearltrees is a free and visual library. With Pearltrees you can save and share your favorite web pages, photos and notes. You can do this online and offline. With Pearltrees, you can expand your interests wherever you are.

Why is it cool? 

I think Pearltrees is cool because it makes it easy to save the pages/photos/notes you like. It’s also interesting that you can share them with other Pearltrees members and you can see what other peoples interests are.

Why does it have Future Growth Potential? 

I think Pearltrees has Future Growth Potential because we like to share things we like. Pearltrees puts a library in your pocket, and makes it easy to share the things you like. It’s an easy way to find new web pages or photos. We also like to know what others find interesting, and that’s also possible with Pearltrees. That’s why I think that Pearltrees has Future Growth Potential!



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