What is it? 

The japanese architect Arata Isozaki designed in collaboration with British sculptor Anisch Kapoor the first inflatable concert hall. It started touring in Matsuhima, Japan, to then continue around areas that were devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami to bring hope tot the people rebuilding their lives. It hosts world-class concerts, workshops and performances. 500 people can sit on the handcrafted benches.


Why is it cool? 

I think that the Inflatable Concert Hall is cool because, it really is an experience. It is designed to bring people hope, to help people. That makes the experience even bigger I think.
It brings a whole new dimension to a concert, and I think that people these days really want something special.
This Inflatable Concert Hall, fits by the Virtually and Involvement phase I think. People nowadays really want to see in a ‘new world’. The second phase I think the Inflatable Concert Hall fits in, is the Authencity phase, because we only want things that are ‘real’. This Concert Hall is designed to help people, who are rebuilding their lives after an earthquake and tsunami. The story behind the concert hall is a nice story, people are going to like the story, and then they want to see how the concert hall is looking.


Why does it have future growth potential? 

I think the Inflatable Concert Hall has future growth potential because it is authentic, it is an experience and it is something new.
Those things are the needs of people nowadays, that’s why the Inflatable Concert Hall has future growth potential.




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