What is it? 
The ECO Pop-up store is a Dutch pop-up store. In 2012 the shop was meant to be a pop-up store for 2 months, but because of many positive reactions, it stayed.
The ECO Pop-up store offers a platform for sustainable design. Recycled stuff, fairtrade, handmade, it offers a lot. But the ECO Pop-up store isn’t only a store, it is also a pub, called the Sustainable Pub. But that’s not everything, they also offer workshops and organize events in the Sustainable Pub.


Why is it cool? 
I think the ECO Pop-up store is cool, because it isn’t only a store, but there is also a pub and there is a story behind the whole concept.  I think there are two phases where the ECO Pop-up store fits in: The Living Room Society and The Authencity Phase.

-The Living Room Society
The living Room society is all about creating a homy ambiance. The store decoration is really homy, people think they are at home when they are in the store. That’s why they like to be in the store.

-The Authencity Phase
I think the Authencity Phase also fits, because the story behind the concept is authentic. It is a good intitiative. People who hear the story, and like it, go to the store.

The influence of those phases are making the concept a really good one , people need those things nowadays.


Why does it have future growth potential?
Well, the story stayed because there were so many positve reactions. So, people like the concept, and really want to go to the store.
I think that’s because we see two phases in the store, that people like. This is what people want nowadays. It isn’t only a store, but it’s also a story and a pub.




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