What is it?
The Xiang Sha Wan  is a new hotel, in the desert, in China! In the hotel you’ve a lot of entertainment like, sand skiing, camel rides, a cableway but also desert surfing. There is are also a lot of restaurants, with typical Mongolia food.
But, that’s not everything! For the ladies there is a shopping paradise, that’s nice, isn’t it?



 Why is it cool?
I think the desert hotel is cool, because it’s a whole new way of going on holiday. You really have an experience. The hotel looks also really cool and modern.
The concept of the Xiang Sha Wan Hotel fits in the Virtually and Involvement phase.
And then mostly in the Augmented Reality phase, I think. The Augmented reality phase means that we want to have a whole new world. A new, cool world, where we can experience a lot of new stuff.
People want their experiences to be in the different phases. So when your concept fits in a phase, people are going to like it. That’s why I think the Xiang Sha Wan hotel is cool.


 Why does it have Future Growth Potential?
I think the Xiang Sha Wan hotel has future growth potential because the concept fits in the needs of people nowadays. A lot of people are going to like the hotel, and they want to experience it. The Xiang Sha Wan hotel gives a whole new dimension to a holiday.
I think the hotel is really cool, and if I had the money, I really would like to go there and experience it!




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