MEN VS WOMEN: We’re getting more and more similar to each other


What is it?
The toy shop, the place where you can see the difference between men and women the most. The girl toys are the pink ones and most of the boy toys are blue.
People in the past thought that those differences in preference between men and women came because it is programmed in our brains. They thought it was because we needed to prepare for our future place in the society. But times have changed, new researches have revealed that the differences between men and women are slowly disappearing.
The Dutch magazine KIJK gives an example: In the year 1974 boys were a lot better at math than girls. Now, in 2014 there is no difference anymore. On more and more areas men and women are similar.
KIJK also says, that the emancipation one of the reasons is for this phenomenon. Men and women are more coequal than before. Because of this, men and women are doing the same jobs and other things than before. And that’s why people expect that men and women comply with the same standards and values.
When we’re taking a look in the society, there are a lot of examples of this phenomenon. Some of those examples are:

Those examples show us that men and women are getting more similar to each other.


Why is it cool?
I think this is a really cool subject because we’re seeing a really interesting movement. KIJK says that men and woman are getting more similar. What will the world be in the future? Is the world gender-neutral in the future? Or is this just a phase?
It’s interesting to see that the world is changing. Is there going to be a unisex world in the future? We’ll see, time will tell. There is still a lot unclear about this subject, but it’s also a really interesting one.

Why does it have future growth potential? 
I think it has future growth potential because there are so much examples, while we are still in a really early phase of this movement. We see that the movement affects many sectors, in fashion but also in names and perfumes. That’s why a think it’s really a ’thing’ in the society.
A lot of magazines and websites are telling about this movement.
Because of all these phenomena about this movement, I think it has future growth potential.



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