BUDY BUZZ: healthy healthy healthy


What is it?
When you look in magazines, you see the advertisements of healthy food or sport everywhere. 55% of all the women think that a healthy lifestyle and healthy food is very important. 63% of all the women is willing to pay more for biological food.
Which conclusion can we take? Women are getting healthier than before.


Why is it cool?
I think it’s cool because this movement fits perfectly with my last coolhunt. They both are about the self image of women. Women want a healthy lifestyle because they still think they are too fat.
So, is it a good thing or a bad thing? On the one hand you would say that it’s a good thing because our society is getting healthier. But on the other hand it’s also a warning. Because of the self image  of women, they think they have too loose weight. That’s ridiculous of course, but that’s how we think about ourselves.

 Why does it have future growth potential?
I think it has future growth potential because every magazine has those articles and those tips and tricks. They are all participating.
It’s hard to change this. It will cost a lot time.



Magazines: cosmopolitan, cosmogirl, gentlewoman, monocle, code, elle, vogue


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