THE MIDDLE: the feminine zone between ribs and hips is a major focus this season


What is it?
When we’re looking to the fashion in the past, we see the women with corsets looking really thin.
When I was reading the magazine the Gentlewomen I was really surprised. An article about the feminine zone between ribs and hips, it’s back!
People are fed up with photoshop and want to be natural. Being as thin as you can is no longer a must.
But this article says something different, we stil think it’s important to be thin and skinny. Women need to be small, it’s the ideal image. What is it with the world…

Why is it cool?
I think it’s cool because the article is against the thoughts of the people nowadays. On one side we’re seeing the people, who are fed up with the photoshop and want to be natural. But on the other side we’re seeing the magazines saying that having a narrow waist is a must this season.
The Dutch site did a research about the self image of women. 51% of all the women find themselves too fat. I think this is because of all those magazine who are saying that it’s a must this season to have a narrow waist.


Why does it have future growth potential?
As much as we want to deny it, the movement about being as thin as possible is still going on. Being as skinny and thins as you can be is still a priority in our society. The biggest brands are joining the movement of being as small as you can be. Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Dior and Lanvin, they are all participating. That’s why I think this trend has future growth potential because those brands are a model for the fashion world.
Every brand will participate with this trend. A lot needs to happen before there will be a change in the fashion world.




Source:  & The Gentlewoman


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