FIGHT HUNGER WITH HUNGER: Food and Quality of Life

Hi followers,
I would like to talk about food and quality of life with you. There are a lot of people who are so poor that they can’t afford their food. On the other hand, there are also many people having more than enough food.
So, on the one hand we see people with a quality of life that isn’t good and on the other hand we see people with a decent quality of life.
With this in my mind, I started looking on the internet, to find signs about this fact.


What is it?
I found the community ‘Hungry People’, the social food network. ‘Hungry people’ is a community which connects people through sharing recipes. When somebody shares a recipe, Hungry People donates €0,25 to a ‘good food charity’. Hungry people wants to contribute to a sustainable world.

Why is it cool?
I think it’s cool because Hungry People contributes to the quality of life of people. It also contributes to a better world.

Why does it have future growth potential?
I think this signal has future growth potential because people nowadays want to contribute to a better world. Unfortunately, they do not know exactly how. Hungry people makes this easy for people, and it makes it also a fun experience.
I think that people will like Hungry people and there will be more initiatives like this in the future.





Hi followers,
This time I am going to talk about Food transparency.
People nowadays need transparency. We want to see what is in our food, what happens in the kitchen of a restaurant and how our food has been made.
I started checking out the internet and I found many signals that prove this need of transparency there.
One of the signals I found, is about a Dutch agency. This agency oversees companies on compliance with laws and regulations. It also inspects the hygiene of restaurants. From June, this agency will announce its results, about the hygiene of lunchrooms, on their website. When a lunchroom is approved, it will be marked in green on the website. Now consumers can see which lunchroom is approved and which lunchroom isn’t.

Why is it cool?
I think this signal is serene because it proves that costumers need transparency. When an agency does something like this, we can say that this movement is a very important one.

Why does it have future growth potential?
I think this signal has future growth potential because we can see this movement about transparency in many signals. I also feel that it’s interesting that an agency does something like this. It means that the movement is an important one in our society.




Hi lovely followers!

A new sector has arrived! In my following posts I’m going to tell about food.
My cool hunts will be about Transparency, Food Transparency and Food + Quality of Life.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!