TRANSPORTING IN THE FUTURE – electric, bicycle, motor


Everybody knows about the fact: Cars contribute greatly to environmental pollution. Therefore, we see more and more electric cars. In the future, all cars will be mad in a way that they won’t produce exhaust anymore. However, we are going to cycle more in the future. High tech, futuristic bikes, for example the Mando Footloose.

Mando Footloose
The Mando Footloose is a new way of moving. The Mando Footloose is an electric bicycle, but it’s not an ordinary bicycle. Mando Footloose offers freedom to travel to all demographics. You can choose if you want to pedal by yourself or use the throttle. When you pedal you charge your battery. Mando Footloose can also easily be folded and conveniently rolled into indoors


We will be riding motors instead of cars. There are more and more people in the world. Cities become overcrowded. The car isn’t convenient then, because of the crowd in the city. Motors are the solution. Electric motors, without emission, are the future. An example is the Johammer.

The Johammer
The Johammer electric motorcycle is a new futuristic design. The Johammer has a 125 mile range. It’s a stylish bike that allows riders to easily take a trip and travel far away from home.
Most of the time, electric motors do not have a high range, because they have limited space for batteries. That’s history now!


If we need to get anywhere by bicycle of motorcycle, then they will also have to be equipped with the newest technical gadgets. An example is the Vanhawks Valour, a navigation system for your bike.

Vanhawks Valour
Vanhawks Valour is the a connected bike, featuring performance tracking, security sensors and it gives feedback to change the way you ride. Vanhawks Valour is the bike of the future, and designed with safety in mind.
The handlebar has haptic feedback integrated. This system alerts you by vibrating of vibrating when there is an object in your blind spot. You can sync your mobile device with your bike.


Those new inventions can improve our quality live in the future. Our material wellbeing is going to be better because you can transport easily and safe.

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WORKOUTS IN THE FUTURE? – augmented reality, wearable technology


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Workouts are hip! We see a lot of different ways to exercise, but in the future it will be completely different.
We are going to work out in a different way, but we will also wear other  sporting clothes. 

Wearable technology is something we see a lot lately. The wearable technology business is very wide and will affect all fields in the future, especially the sports sector. 

Wearable technology will help us with exercising. 

Athos is a workout apparel that analyzes your body. Athos can measure muscle effort and activation. It can measure your heart and breathing rate but also your reps or left vs. right balance. Athos has a sleeve shirt and a compression workout pants.
Athos is an important innovation because you will care more about you body if you know in what condition it is. 

sport 2

Silver air
Silver air is a premium athletic shirt that fights odor. The shirt is made with pure silver and Italian yarns. The shirt is soft and smooth, you’ll feel naked. 

The Silver Air is built for performance. The shirt will keep you cool and comfortable.
The silver in the T-shirt fights naturally odor and keeps your shirt clean and fresh throughout the day. 

sport 3

So, done with the clothing part. Let’s continue with sport itself. 

In the future, we’ll all have a Google Glass. We will use our Google Glass with exercising. Exercising will be fun. An example is Race Yourself. 

Race Yourself
Race Yourself is an augmented reality app for Google Glass. You’ll have an avatar, to compete against the real world. There are 30 game modes. You can race against yourself, zombies and many more. It makes exercising fun. 

sport 4

We will see a lot innovations in the sports sector. Not only the clothing part, but also gaming is going to be a huge part. 

Those innovations can improve Quality of Life. The wearable technology innovation will improve our physical wellbeing because we will care more about our bodies. Injuries will occur less frequently. Our emotional wellbeing will also be better. That’s because we will feel better about ourselves because we exercise in a good way.

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LIVING IN THE FUTURE? – overcrowding, living in the desert, robots?


Have you ever thought about how your home will look like in the future? Are we still living on the earth? The expectation is that we are already around eight billion people in 2024.  Can the earth handle this? 

Many studies have shown that overcrowding is going to be a big problem in the future. Therefore, we see more and more innovations in the field of housing in the future. 

One of those innovations is Sand Babel. 

Sand Babel
A chines team of designers designed the Sand Babel Towers. Those towers are buildings that can be constructed in the desert, with cranes and a 3D printer. 

The Sand babel Towers are constructed in two main sections. The first section is an area above the ground, in which people live or work. The second section is are tunnels, those connect the towers to each other. Sand Babel is one example, but we see more and more innovations like this. 

living 2

Not only the place we live, but also the way houses are built will change. We will build houses in an easier and faster way. With a 3D printer, for example. 

3D Print Canal House
The 3D Print Canal House is a unique project. The 3D Print Canal House is an exhibition. It’s a Canal House, printed in the heart of Amsterdam. The house is printed with bioplastics. The makers also research the possibilities of printing with recycled materials. 

      living 3

3D printed houses is an important invention for the future because it’s possible to built houses for more people and in several places. 

Not only building houses, but also living in a house will be different. Life will be easier, for example, by the help of robots. 

Household robots
Household robots take over chores around the house for us. Household robots can scrub the floor, mowing the lawn or clean a swimming pool. They can make our lives easier. 

living 4

Developments in technology will be very important for us in the future. They will change the way of building houses, but also the way of living in houses. Those developments can improve our Quality of Life. They can improve your material and physical wellbeing. Material wellbeing because your life is easier with a houserobot. Your housing quality will be better. Our physical wellbeing is going to be better because we will suffer les from the overcrowding. Because we will live at other places, like the desert. 

Would you want to live in the desert?

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YOUR FUTURE LIFE – solutions, solutions, solutions


Let’s go on! I’m going to  talk about our lives in the future.
Now, there are always a lot of problems. Some of those problems will be solved in  the future.

One of those problems is radiation. We all use WiFi, but the problem is,  WiFI gives much radiation. In the future, there will be a solution for this problem.

Urbanization is a trend. More and more people live together in  the city. But sometimes we want to escape from the bustle. That’s why there will be little getaways in cities.
In those getaways, you can relax and enjoy the nature. When you are completely rested, you can get back to your busy life in the city.

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-04 om 14.53.23

In the United States, there are 2,5 million people with severe impairments. Those people have to rely on computerized voices to express themselves. Not only there are many people with severe impairments, but here are also many people with other disorders. In the future, there will be techniques to improve the lives of those people. VocalID is an example. VocalID aims to help people with severe speech impairment find a voice of their own. In the future, there will be a solution for every disorder.


In the future, our Quality of Life will improve.
The solution for the WiFi radiation will improve our physical wellbeing because we will live healthier when there is no radiation.
Getaways will improve our emotional wellbeing because we will feel less stressed.
And finally, solutions for disabled people will improve the emotional,  physical and social wellbeing of people.

I hope my predictions come true. It would make the world a whole lot better…. 

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FUTURE OF FASHION – sustainable, power source and recyclable?


My previous post was about the future of food. Now, I would like to discuss fashion in the future.

Sustainability is a serious trend. In the future, we are going to wear sustainable clothes.
Shoes of cork or recyclable clothes for example. But, that’s not all!


Our clothes will also produce electricity. Our clothes can be used as a power supply source for wearable devices.


3D printers will produce our clothes. The material of our clothes will be recyclable, so the materials can be used  again and again. There will be no waste anymore.

Technology is an important part when we talk about the future of fashion. Nonetheless, also the trend sustainability has much influence on the future.
Nowadays, recycling is not really hip. In the future recycling will be normal, and everybody is going to do it!


Because of these changes, the quality of life of people will be better.
Those changes improve our material wellbeing. Our emotional wellbeing is also going to be better because with the recyclable clothes, we make the world better. People will like themselves more, because they are doing something right.

In short, we want sustainability and in the future we are about to wear sustainable clothes. Our clothes will produce electricity. 3D printers will produce our clothes. When we talk about the future of fashion, technology and the trend sustainability are two important components.  

Would you want to wear those clothes?

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FUTURE OF FOOD? – high-tech, easier, sustainable?


I’m going to give you my perspective of food in the future. The future… far away, but still close. We are already working on it now! 

When we want to paint a picture of the future, it’s important to take a look at the trends. I dis some research and i would like to tell you about it. I’ve created my own vision of the future of food. 

Nowadays, food waste is an enormous problem. For example, the Uited States spends over 165 billion dollars a year on the production of food that is never eaten. In the future, this problem will no longer exist. 
Technology wil help us to solve this problem. Gadgets, for example Food Huggers, will counter food waste. The Food Hugger extends the life of your leftover produce.
In the future, there will be more gadgets like Food Hugger. In this way, food waste won’t be a problem anymore!    


Another component of my vision is the use of food in an ingenious way. In the future, we’ll get our food from other places. For instance, making potable seawater! Cool isn’t it? 

Life will be a lot easier in the future. Sustainable gadgets like a 3D food printer, the Foodini for example, will be normal. Making real, fresh and nutritious foods won’t be difficult anymore. 
Cooking in the future is going to be easy!


The combination of the countryside and the city is going to be important. Fresh food from the countryside will be used in combination with the technique of the city. 
Urbanization and sustainability are important trends when we take a look at the future of food. 

Our Quality of Life will be better in the future. Fresh and healthy food will improve our physical wellbeing. Our material wellbeing is also going to be better because of all the gadgets we will have. 

In short, technology and sustainability will be two important things. Gadgets are going to improve our quality of life, but also the quality of life of the world!

My next post will be about the future of fashion, read it!