FUTURE OF FASHION – sustainable, power source and recyclable?


My previous post was about the future of food. Now, I would like to discuss fashion in the future.

Sustainability is a serious trend. In the future, we are going to wear sustainable clothes.
Shoes of cork or recyclable clothes for example. But, that’s not all!


Our clothes will also produce electricity. Our clothes can be used as a power supply source for wearable devices.


3D printers will produce our clothes. The material of our clothes will be recyclable, so the materials can be used  again and again. There will be no waste anymore.

Technology is an important part when we talk about the future of fashion. Nonetheless, also the trend sustainability has much influence on the future.
Nowadays, recycling is not really hip. In the future recycling will be normal, and everybody is going to do it!


Because of these changes, the quality of life of people will be better.
Those changes improve our material wellbeing. Our emotional wellbeing is also going to be better because with the recyclable clothes, we make the world better. People will like themselves more, because they are doing something right.

In short, we want sustainability and in the future we are about to wear sustainable clothes. Our clothes will produce electricity. 3D printers will produce our clothes. When we talk about the future of fashion, technology and the trend sustainability are two important components.  

Would you want to wear those clothes?

Source, Source, Source 


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