YOUR FUTURE LIFE – solutions, solutions, solutions


Let’s go on! I’m going to  talk about our lives in the future.
Now, there are always a lot of problems. Some of those problems will be solved in  the future.

One of those problems is radiation. We all use WiFi, but the problem is,  WiFI gives much radiation. In the future, there will be a solution for this problem.

Urbanization is a trend. More and more people live together in  the city. But sometimes we want to escape from the bustle. That’s why there will be little getaways in cities.
In those getaways, you can relax and enjoy the nature. When you are completely rested, you can get back to your busy life in the city.

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-04 om 14.53.23

In the United States, there are 2,5 million people with severe impairments. Those people have to rely on computerized voices to express themselves. Not only there are many people with severe impairments, but here are also many people with other disorders. In the future, there will be techniques to improve the lives of those people. VocalID is an example. VocalID aims to help people with severe speech impairment find a voice of their own. In the future, there will be a solution for every disorder.


In the future, our Quality of Life will improve.
The solution for the WiFi radiation will improve our physical wellbeing because we will live healthier when there is no radiation.
Getaways will improve our emotional wellbeing because we will feel less stressed.
And finally, solutions for disabled people will improve the emotional,  physical and social wellbeing of people.

I hope my predictions come true. It would make the world a whole lot better…. 

source, source, source


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