LIVING IN THE FUTURE? – overcrowding, living in the desert, robots?


Have you ever thought about how your home will look like in the future? Are we still living on the earth? The expectation is that we are already around eight billion people in 2024.  Can the earth handle this? 

Many studies have shown that overcrowding is going to be a big problem in the future. Therefore, we see more and more innovations in the field of housing in the future. 

One of those innovations is Sand Babel. 

Sand Babel
A chines team of designers designed the Sand Babel Towers. Those towers are buildings that can be constructed in the desert, with cranes and a 3D printer. 

The Sand babel Towers are constructed in two main sections. The first section is an area above the ground, in which people live or work. The second section is are tunnels, those connect the towers to each other. Sand Babel is one example, but we see more and more innovations like this. 

living 2

Not only the place we live, but also the way houses are built will change. We will build houses in an easier and faster way. With a 3D printer, for example. 

3D Print Canal House
The 3D Print Canal House is a unique project. The 3D Print Canal House is an exhibition. It’s a Canal House, printed in the heart of Amsterdam. The house is printed with bioplastics. The makers also research the possibilities of printing with recycled materials. 

      living 3

3D printed houses is an important invention for the future because it’s possible to built houses for more people and in several places. 

Not only building houses, but also living in a house will be different. Life will be easier, for example, by the help of robots. 

Household robots
Household robots take over chores around the house for us. Household robots can scrub the floor, mowing the lawn or clean a swimming pool. They can make our lives easier. 

living 4

Developments in technology will be very important for us in the future. They will change the way of building houses, but also the way of living in houses. Those developments can improve our Quality of Life. They can improve your material and physical wellbeing. Material wellbeing because your life is easier with a houserobot. Your housing quality will be better. Our physical wellbeing is going to be better because we will suffer les from the overcrowding. Because we will live at other places, like the desert. 

Would you want to live in the desert?

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