WORKOUTS IN THE FUTURE? – augmented reality, wearable technology


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Workouts are hip! We see a lot of different ways to exercise, but in the future it will be completely different.
We are going to work out in a different way, but we will also wear other  sporting clothes. 

Wearable technology is something we see a lot lately. The wearable technology business is very wide and will affect all fields in the future, especially the sports sector. 

Wearable technology will help us with exercising. 

Athos is a workout apparel that analyzes your body. Athos can measure muscle effort and activation. It can measure your heart and breathing rate but also your reps or left vs. right balance. Athos has a sleeve shirt and a compression workout pants.
Athos is an important innovation because you will care more about you body if you know in what condition it is. 

sport 2

Silver air
Silver air is a premium athletic shirt that fights odor. The shirt is made with pure silver and Italian yarns. The shirt is soft and smooth, you’ll feel naked. 

The Silver Air is built for performance. The shirt will keep you cool and comfortable.
The silver in the T-shirt fights naturally odor and keeps your shirt clean and fresh throughout the day. 

sport 3

So, done with the clothing part. Let’s continue with sport itself. 

In the future, we’ll all have a Google Glass. We will use our Google Glass with exercising. Exercising will be fun. An example is Race Yourself. 

Race Yourself
Race Yourself is an augmented reality app for Google Glass. You’ll have an avatar, to compete against the real world. There are 30 game modes. You can race against yourself, zombies and many more. It makes exercising fun. 

sport 4

We will see a lot innovations in the sports sector. Not only the clothing part, but also gaming is going to be a huge part. 

Those innovations can improve Quality of Life. The wearable technology innovation will improve our physical wellbeing because we will care more about our bodies. Injuries will occur less frequently. Our emotional wellbeing will also be better. That’s because we will feel better about ourselves because we exercise in a good way.

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