DOPHERT: VEGAN FOOD & GOODIES – total transparency

Hi followers!
Do you also like vegan food? I really do, and that’s why I was quite interested when I read an article about a new lunchroom in Amsterdam. I am going to tell you more!!


What is it?
Dophert is a lunchroom based in Amsterdam, in the Netherland. It’s not a normal lunchroom. Dophert is also a catering company, a shop and they also give workshops.
That’s not all, Dophert is really special because they only serve vegan food and they only sell vegan goodies.


Why is it cool?
I think Dophert is cool because all the products they sell are vegan. People want to know what is in their products, they need transparancy. Dophert is totally transparent, and I think many people will like Dophert because of that.


Why does it have future growth potential?
The trend transparency is very current. People need transparency, but nowadays it’s very hard finding out if something is real. Dophert is totally transparent and that’s why I think Dophert has future growth potential.

Take a look at their webshop: