DOPHERT: VEGAN FOOD & GOODIES – total transparency

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Do you also like vegan food? I really do, and that’s why I was quite interested when I read an article about a new lunchroom in Amsterdam. I am going to tell you more!!


What is it?
Dophert is a lunchroom based in Amsterdam, in the Netherland. It’s not a normal lunchroom. Dophert is also a catering company, a shop and they also give workshops.
That’s not all, Dophert is really special because they only serve vegan food and they only sell vegan goodies.


Why is it cool?
I think Dophert is cool because all the products they sell are vegan. People want to know what is in their products, they need transparancy. Dophert is totally transparent, and I think many people will like Dophert because of that.


Why does it have future growth potential?
The trend transparency is very current. People need transparency, but nowadays it’s very hard finding out if something is real. Dophert is totally transparent and that’s why I think Dophert has future growth potential.

Take a look at their webshop:





What is it?
Castello is a brand of cheeses produced by Arla Foods. A variety of cheeses, also worldwide, are marketed under the Castello name. Castello was founded over 50 years ago inspired by Rasmus Tholstrup. Rasmus Tholstrup had a unique philosophy around cheese making and discovering new ways of making unique cheese.
Castello opened their first pop-up store on October the 25th. The store is based in The Hague for three months.
When you are in the store, you really have an experience. You can taste a lot of cheeses and many glasses of wine.
The pop-up store will also open his doors in cities like London, New York and Berlin.


Why is it cool?
I think the Castello pop-up store is cool, because it gives a whole new dimension to cheese. The store fits in  those two phases:

-The Living Room Society
The living room is about creating a homy ambiance. When you see pictures of the store, it’s really cosy and homy. When you are in the store it feels like a home away of home. People like to be in the store because it has such a nice ambiance.

-The Authencity phase
I think the Authencity phase fits because cheese feels like a ‘real’ product.
When you are in the store you can see how cheese is made, and that makes it really authentic.

Those phases are the needs of people nowadays, when your concept fits within the phases, a lot of people are going to like the concept. That’s why I think the Castello pop-up store is cool.


Why does it have Future Growth Potential?
Why should a lot of people want to go to the store? I think because it’s a exclusive store, it gives a whole new dimension to cheese, and it is something new.
Like I just said, the concept of the Castello store really fits within the phases. People need those phases in a concept nowadays, that’s why they are going to like the Castello pop-up store.

You should take a look to this movie:

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