FUTURE OF FOOD? – high-tech, easier, sustainable?


I’m going to give you my perspective of food in the future. The future… far away, but still close. We are already working on it now! 

When we want to paint a picture of the future, it’s important to take a look at the trends. I dis some research and i would like to tell you about it. I’ve created my own vision of the future of food. 

Nowadays, food waste is an enormous problem. For example, the Uited States spends over 165 billion dollars a year on the production of food that is never eaten. In the future, this problem will no longer exist. 
Technology wil help us to solve this problem. Gadgets, for example Food Huggers, will counter food waste. The Food Hugger extends the life of your leftover produce.
In the future, there will be more gadgets like Food Hugger. In this way, food waste won’t be a problem anymore!    


Another component of my vision is the use of food in an ingenious way. In the future, we’ll get our food from other places. For instance, making potable seawater! Cool isn’t it? 

Life will be a lot easier in the future. Sustainable gadgets like a 3D food printer, the Foodini for example, will be normal. Making real, fresh and nutritious foods won’t be difficult anymore. 
Cooking in the future is going to be easy!


The combination of the countryside and the city is going to be important. Fresh food from the countryside will be used in combination with the technique of the city. 
Urbanization and sustainability are important trends when we take a look at the future of food. 

Our Quality of Life will be better in the future. Fresh and healthy food will improve our physical wellbeing. Our material wellbeing is also going to be better because of all the gadgets we will have. 

In short, technology and sustainability will be two important things. Gadgets are going to improve our quality of life, but also the quality of life of the world!

My next post will be about the future of fashion, read it!

BUDY BUZZ: healthy healthy healthy


What is it?
When you look in magazines, you see the advertisements of healthy food or sport everywhere. 55% of all the women think that a healthy lifestyle and healthy food is very important. 63% of all the women is willing to pay more for biological food.
Which conclusion can we take? Women are getting healthier than before.


Why is it cool?
I think it’s cool because this movement fits perfectly with my last coolhunt. They both are about the self image of women. Women want a healthy lifestyle because they still think they are too fat.
So, is it a good thing or a bad thing? On the one hand you would say that it’s a good thing because our society is getting healthier. But on the other hand it’s also a warning. Because of the self image  of women, they think they have too loose weight. That’s ridiculous of course, but that’s how we think about ourselves.

 Why does it have future growth potential?
I think it has future growth potential because every magazine has those articles and those tips and tricks. They are all participating.
It’s hard to change this. It will cost a lot time.



Magazines: cosmopolitan, cosmogirl, gentlewoman, monocle, code, elle, vogue



What is it? 

HELLOFRESH is a concept that makes it easy to eat healthy food! HELLOFRESH supplies healthy food. When you’re a part of HELLOFRESH, they send you the ingredients and recipes for your meals every week.

Why is it cool?

HELLOFRESH is cool because it makes people more healthy. A lot of people don’t know how they can cook meals that are healthy, and also delicious.

Why does it have Future Growth Potential?

I think it has Future Growth Potential because a lot of people are too fat. Those people often don’t know how they can change there eat habits. With HELLOFRESH they can learn how they can make healthy food.
I think it’s useful for busy people to. HELLOFRESH will do all your groceries which saves a lot of time. And you’re groceries are also healthy! Easy and Healthy, that’s the spirit!