TRANSPORTING IN THE FUTURE – electric, bicycle, motor


Everybody knows about the fact: Cars contribute greatly to environmental pollution. Therefore, we see more and more electric cars. In the future, all cars will be mad in a way that they won’t produce exhaust anymore. However, we are going to cycle more in the future. High tech, futuristic bikes, for example the Mando Footloose.

Mando Footloose
The Mando Footloose is a new way of moving. The Mando Footloose is an electric bicycle, but it’s not an ordinary bicycle. Mando Footloose offers freedom to travel to all demographics. You can choose if you want to pedal by yourself or use the throttle. When you pedal you charge your battery. Mando Footloose can also easily be folded and conveniently rolled into indoors


We will be riding motors instead of cars. There are more and more people in the world. Cities become overcrowded. The car isn’t convenient then, because of the crowd in the city. Motors are the solution. Electric motors, without emission, are the future. An example is the Johammer.

The Johammer
The Johammer electric motorcycle is a new futuristic design. The Johammer has a 125 mile range. It’s a stylish bike that allows riders to easily take a trip and travel far away from home.
Most of the time, electric motors do not have a high range, because they have limited space for batteries. That’s history now!


If we need to get anywhere by bicycle of motorcycle, then they will also have to be equipped with the newest technical gadgets. An example is the Vanhawks Valour, a navigation system for your bike.

Vanhawks Valour
Vanhawks Valour is the a connected bike, featuring performance tracking, security sensors and it gives feedback to change the way you ride. Vanhawks Valour is the bike of the future, and designed with safety in mind.
The handlebar has haptic feedback integrated. This system alerts you by vibrating of vibrating when there is an object in your blind spot. You can sync your mobile device with your bike.


Those new inventions can improve our quality live in the future. Our material wellbeing is going to be better because you can transport easily and safe.

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